They don’t call him the Wizard for nothing. Since his first foray into professional FMX riding as a 17-year-old, Harry Bink has been casting a spell over fans with his gravity defying stunt magic. Born and bred in the regional city of Canberra, Australia, Bink’s high-octane stunts and daredevil antics have earned him international acclaim.

Bink’s obsession began when he was just four years old, when he attended his first FMX show. At 16, Bink went against the advice of teachers and adults in his life, setting his sights on becoming a professional freestyle rider. After countless hours practising on a ramp in the local scrapyard that he and his friends built, he landed his first ever backflip.

From there, Bink went on to compete in the Royal Canberra Show when he was 18. After a whirlwind of epic Australian performances, Bink broke into the international competition scene and soon was making headlines around the world. In 2017 at the Nitro World Games, Bink made history when he achieved the first ever rock-solid landing from a frontflip. This game-changing achievement earned him first-place honours in the FMX Best Trick category.

Bink’s epic career has not been without challenges. Bink wears the scars of battling for a spot at the top. Over the years, numerous broken bones have seen him holed up in hospital for months on end. Nevertheless, Bink’s larrikin sense of humour and unflinching love of the sport allows him to rise above the struggle, time and time again.

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